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    Season Schedule

8.16 Uninvited Guest - Feb 7th for 4 weeks

8.17 Under the Wire - March 7th for 4 weeks

8.18 War Stories - April 4th for 4 weeks

8.19 Cry Wolf - May 2nd for 4 weeks



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8.16 Uninvited Guest by Rocket

Something isn't right at the Phoenix Foundation.

Computer troubles, break-ins, theft and threats all point to a spy in the building. But who is it?

What do they want?

And can MacGyver catch them before it's too late...



Coming from March 7th 2017 for 4 weeks

8.17 Under the Wire by MacsJeep

A U.S. fighter is shot down over Bosnia and the government can't send in an official team due to N.A.T.O rules.

It isn't long before MacGyver's skills are requested by an old friend of Pete's to step in and make the difference. The problem is, when Mac gets behind enemy lines, he soon realizes the crash was staged, and the pilot isn't even an American.

Can he figure out just who are the good guys and who are the bad, and stop a real massacre from taking place?


Coming from April 4th 2017 for 4 weeks

8.18 War Stories by Rocket

MacGyver's past comes back to haunt him when his actions as a young soldier in Vietnam are called into question.

Only MacGyver knows what really happened, but will he be allowed to tell his story?

What lengths will his enemies go to to keep the truth from getting out?

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